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/var/tmp/kdecache-user is filling up / on /dev/sda1

After installing new LTSPservers it took /var/tmp/kdecache-user only 3 days to fill up / on /dev/sda1

The result is login problems, print problems and more...

The proposed solution is to make a new volume and then ln -s this to /var/tmp

When using the automatic partitioning during install, why is / set to only 1GB?

After some googling I found this:


   Bug#272460: konqueror: /var/tmp/kdecache-login should
   be in /tmp

   On an uptodate pre-sarge box, I just discover that
   konqueror (or some other kde component) is using
   /var/tmp/kdecache-login :

   Could you please use /tmp for this as does some
   other kde component ?
   /var/tmp is not cleaned on startup and using it
   for cache is subject of scalability pb
   (we have ~11000 students here).

The folowing thread proposes this:

   if you really want kdecache-$user to be in /tmp,
   set the environment variable KDEVARTMP to /tmp.

variables that affect kde behavior: http://wiki.kdenews.org/tiki-index.php?page=Environment+Variables

Ole-Anders Andreassen
Sunndal ungdomsskole

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