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Re: debian-edu on sparc ??

Hi Xavier

> I just get some Sun Sparc Ulta 5, this one :
> http://www.anysystem.com/u5-special-1.html
Nice :)

> I don't know if any work have been done to have debian-edu on sparc and
> if it is interesting ?!
Well in general we are interested to port debian-edu to every architecture :)
The plan is to support i386, powerpc and amd64 for the 3.0 release.
I guess rebuilding the packages won't be a problem as we will have connection 
to wanna-build network, but porting our installer and building the daily 
builds there might be the problem.
Currently we are right busy with porting the installer to etch and I don't 
know how we will manage it to produce the daily builds for the other 
architectures (there is a lack of manpower). Maybe when we can outsource the 
CD building to the debian-cd guys, but for now we are building them on 

> If someone is interested, I can give 2 or 3 machines for debian-edu
> test/developpment, I will be at the french developper camp so feel free
> to send me a mail and I will bring these machines with me.
But of course a new server might be a good idea, but asking our DESAs first as 
they will get the administration work, Werner, Petter what do you think?


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