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extremadura ... sign up until the 3rd of april, please

Hello everyone!

The spanish region of extremadura would like to book the flights
as soon as possible in order to get good prices. 

So i ask everyone to sign up as soon as possible in the wiki.
currently there are 17 names in the wiki, of which not everyone
send me their passport details yet.

When transmitting the registration data for booking the flights i
would of course only send complete data sets, if flights are to
be booked by the region of extremadura. I will assume that the
ones that did not send me their data will want to pay their
flights themselfs. This is a very welcome incentive in order to
reduce the costs of the gathering and i will speak to the
responsible person if the saved money can be used to host more
then the 20 people that the gathering is intended for. 

So far only one person indicated that he booked his ticket

As a deadline for registration i now set the next Thursday (april
6), 23:59. Should we be more then 20 registered participants i
will discuss with the more involved people who should be


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