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[Bug 1077] /usr MAX size is not enough for second CD


------- Additional Comments From rgx@gmx.de  2006-03-23 16:36 -------
Thanks for your contributions. I shall commit these contemplations: 
After browsing 
I came to the conclusion, that an additional feature to autopartkit -  
which should be easy to implement (or just to document) could ease the  
struggle for optimal settings: 
Now, only $RAMSIZE can be used as variable when calculating sizes. 
In my eyes, there should be also be something like $VOLUMESIZE or simply  
$MAXSIZE (maybe even $DISKSIZE) to allow consumptive partitions (say,  
home) to take up X% of the whole space.  
Do you think, this is feasable? 
With this, a linear scaling for interpolation could be sensible:  
DefineRange: 1G             40G 
If Volumesize <= 1G: use Minimum (for all partitions) 
If Volumesize >= 40G: use Maximum (for all partitions) 
otherwise use t*min+(1-t)*max, where t=(Volumesize-1G)/39G 
(this provides a value inbetween given MIN/MAX) 
Alternatively, introducing a bivariate min/max function could be a way: 
#define MIN(x,y)        (((x)<(y))?(x):(y)) 
(C Preprocessor syntax) 
Please feel free to ask about this interpolation formula or anything, 

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