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Article about the new Debian-EDU release


Here is any article about the new release of Debian-EDU / Skolelinux.
After a look into the CVS at infodrom I decided to write it in <HTML>.
I hope that was right :)

Ciao & Thanks
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New Debian-Edu/Skolelinux release. Finn-Arne Johansen announced the new release version 2.0 after a long period of development. This brand new release contains many updates and new features such as sound on thin clients, a new version of the desktop environment KDE and many updated translations for an increasing number of languages. The hardware detection was improved, too. In the development time the team worked on preparing and improving some services for the next etch-based release. Therefore many documentation was announced to provide a better overview about the project and make it easier to join the team. The development of the etch-based daily build will start as soon as possible. Meanwhile the team started to list all debian-edu related packages at qa.debian.org

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