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Re: [Debian Wiki] opdatering af "DebianEdu/PressRelease200601" af NigelBarker

[Jonas Smedegaard]
> Or should the release managers decision be interpreted as a freedom
> of choice between the two names "Skolelinux" and "DebianEdu"?

The teams in the various contries have always had the choice.  They
can use Skolelinux if they want to, or Debian Edu if they want to.  it
is the same distribution and project.  I've been a bit surprised that
so many went for Skolelinux, which I personally belived was a good
name in Norwegian but not anywhere else. :)

As for the name used in the English press release, I suspect it is
best to use both names, to make sure the readers familiar with one of
the names recognize it.

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