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Re: What to back up on administrator.s.n and user.s.n?

Hi Petter,

On Saturday, 18 Mar 2006, you wrote:
> I'm working on setting up backup on a administrator.s.n and user.s.n.
> What directories and partitions should be backed up, and what can be
> ignored?  We want to backup as little as possible, but all the stuff
> that is needed to recover from data loss.  /etc/ is given.
> Backup storage is expencive, so we will for example not backup the
> Debian mirror.  All directories with files unique to the machines and
> services should be backed up.
> I'll set up backup on Monday, so please reply before that.

on a.skolelinux.no:

	- backup
	- cvsroot
	- database
	- keyrings
	- log
	- morgue
	- s3kr1t
	- scripts


You do NOT need to backup projectb (postres-db) as this in done directly
before dinstall and written to /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/backup/

dak-config resides in katie/* and _should_ be under CVS in cvsroot/*


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