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Re: shared directory

Am Dienstag 14 März 2006 05:16 schrieb nigel barker:
> I created a directory in /home on tjener (ie same level as home0) and
> made a samba share for it. The share shows up fine on windows
> workstations, but how do I get from a linux terminal client? I tried
> to create a NFS export, but it doesn't appear in skole/tjener

Hi Nigel,

what I do is use a Transfer folder under .../home0. Thus under Linux, 
users have only to 
- browse their home directory (house icon)
- replace their user name in the path by T(ransfer). As there are no 
capitalized user names, entering T pops up the whole path.

Of course you can set links from users' desktops, too.


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