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Re: test from french team

Salut Jerome,

Am Freitag 10 März 2006 12:27 schrieb Jérôme Bernard:
> Hello.
> We (the french team) re-install this week a scool with about 20 TX in
> Petite Rosselle

Re-install you say? Hence, the school is running Skolelinux now? Is it 
in the list of Skolelinux schools, yet? I doubt it ;) Maybe because 
this page is not localized to French yet:


> The 18-19 march, we will have a devloppment and test we.

We are looking forward to your reports. You should use IRC and be sure 
to take the most recent image. 
> We will send you a repport of our activity (good and bad news).


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