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Re: April gathering during easter - not a good idea?

søndag 05 mars 2006, 15:52, skrev Steffen Joeris:
> I completely agree, we should reschedule.
> But it is also important to fix a date as soon as possible to give the
> opportunity for others to book flights.
> What about 28.04.-30.04. ?

The City of Narvik has told us that the weekend April 21-23th (and 24th?) is 
the best dates for hosting the developer gathering. The plan is to do this in 
Narvik because we could also meet a lot of municipalities in north of Norway 
that concider Skolelinux as usefull for them. The City of Narvik has 
installed Skolelinux on 800 thin clientes at 15 schools, and everything is 
operated centrally. They have done this for over a year now. 

The board in FRISK has delegated the work to promote the decitions around 
dates to a person that has not responded in many weeks. So I should probably 
promote the weekend 



- Knut 

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