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changing some services

Hi All

Now I just want you to inform about the progress of changing some services.
During/After the sarge release Debian-Edu/Skolelinux will use some new kind of 
No need to be afraid the users will get the same services so no change for 
them, but big changes for the developer team.
If you want to see a small (currently incomplete) list of the new 
infrastructure and what changed in which way you can have a look at

Today we also worked on the new archive software (dak) which will be in use 
directly after the release.
We had our first test uploads and a successful dinstall.
Now we finish our setup there and go into a testing period.
After this we can go into productive mode with that.
No worries I will write some documents also for uploaders to explain how it 
can be used.
I will also give a longer explanation later when we are finish and describe 
some things.
I just want you to inform about the status and to let you know that we are 
close to the release and to a new infrastructure, many thanks to all 
contributors, it is a lot of work and IMHO it is well done ;)
Wish you a good night and keep on working tomorrow ...


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