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[Bug 1062] Need to doublecheck that samba clients are allowed to connect


------- Additional Comments From juergen@leibner-net.de  2006-02-19 17:55 -------
On Friday I was able to join the samba-domain SKOLELINUX with a laptop running w2k.
Then I loged in with a new created account/wlus). The profile was saved in
Now, on Sunday, I started up my server and tried to log in with the laptop as
the user who had acces on Friday.
- Username
- Userpassword

It don't work!
So logged in on the laptop as Administrator and tried to open a share on tjener.
There I was able to do all with success.
I looked after with: getent passwd, getent group and wlus.
All seems to be right!
The message I got from windows is:
"The system is not able to give you access to tis domain, because the
computeraccount of this system in his primary domain is missed, or the password
of this systemaccount is wrong" (free translation from German)

Any hints?
If you need more details feel free to mail and write what you need.
This is a testing installation for fixing bugs!

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