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final countdown


Now we can announce the final countdown.
There are 6 bugs left, where 3 are fixed and need to be verified and 3 are 
still open.
For more information look at 
There you also find the link to the list of RC-Bugs.
When these bugs are fixed we can release the new Skolelinux Version 2.0 .

I recommend all (the last time now) to help fixing and/or verifiyng these 
Please notice that Skolelinux sarge is IMHO frozen and we have to concentrate 
on these bugs. Currently there will be no new features, other bug fixes or 
any other changes to Debian-Edu except fixing these RC-Bugs.
So I can repeat what Finn-Arne said and announce the, I call it, freeze time.
Means the next release is now frozen. Thanks to all developers, contributors, 
translators and testers for this nice state right now.

If you are not a developer or think you have not the skills for fixing the 
RC-Bugs please also contribute with always testing the new daily build.
You can get new information on IRC (#debian-edu on freenode).

Let's make a last run, fix the bugs and prepare the new version so that we can 
proudly announce Debian-Edu Version 2.0 
(codename still unknown :) ).

Greetings and happy hacking, testing and contributing

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