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Re: Changes on debian-edu-config

[Benjamin Sonntag]
> Hi all,

Hi. :)

Good to see more active developers. :)

> - added automatic managment of binaries' manpages (or link to
>   "undocumented.7.gz")

I remember something about the undocumnted.7 manual page being
obsolete.  Check policy to see if it is still needed.

> - added /etc/default/backdoor empty file (with explanations)

The backdoor system have a problem and should probably be fixed before
it is better documented.  It can make upgrades hang, I believe,
because the background script isn't closing all the file descriptors.
We need some wrapper to detach the script from the controlling
terminal and close all file descriptors.  Any voluneers to write such
wrapper in a script language?  I got a C version, but want to keep
debian-edu-config architecture neutral.

> - added lintian-override about xconf_boot errors on lintian

I believe the correct fix is to add "support" for the missing
arguments, aka accept the arguments and write error messages when they
are used, Or perhaps remove the script if it is no longer needed.

The rest of the changes looked good. :)

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