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Re: Developergatherings 2006

Lørdag 21 januar 2006 14:47, skrev Frode Jemtland:
> * 7.-9. or 14.-16. April

Viggo Fedreheim, the ICT-manager for the schools in Narvik, want to 
invite the Skolelinux developers to a gathering in April/May. I've told 
him that this is doable, but we should get some help from the 
municipality to pay for the travel expenses. Narvik is a city up north, 
and travelling by plane could be a bit more expensive compared to the 
expenses at a gathering in Oslo or Trondheim. 

Narvik in Wikipedia: 

I recommend that the board take contact with Viggo Fedreheim. 

Contact information:  
Viggo Fedreheim AT narvik kommune no
IKT-konsulent Oppvekst
Narvik Kommune
Tlf: 76912305
Mobil: 92238780

Regards Knut Yrvin

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