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Re: Privacy, fare well. Hope we will see you again

[Andreas Schuldei]
> it is year old standard policy by airlines to require these two
> details of information for ticket pickup at airports. you seem to
> overreact.

Perhaps.  I've always managed with my name and address so far, and
I've been traveling for years, picking up tickets at the airport.

> alternatively you can book yourself, run the resulting costs past
> Dario (in the cc) and be refunded later. Aparently Dario is
> hesistant to do this because it takes a long time (3month?) for the
> refund to take place because of administrative detours.

I'm also reluctant to do this, as the last time I tried this they
wanted my Norwegian person number to do the refund, and I prefer to
keep that number private as well.  We ended up sending an invoice from
SLX Debian Labs instead, but I would rather avoid that amount of
arguing and paperwork.

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