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improving existing packages


Before I start any work I want to start this thread.
Now the question raises up what Skolelinux Developer should do with packages 
and of course what they shouldn't do.

Until now we are developing special stuff for Skolelinux (for example Andreas 
with wlus). In addition to that we take care of our distribution and we do 
We try to get all packages into Debian, which is of course very important and 
I would never change it.
But we also have to think about the requests from some other users.
They want to get new  package versions.
(For example see Bug 984 http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=984 ).
Of course this stuff is fixed in newer KDE versions, but it will take a long 
time till we will use kde 3.5 in Skolelinux i think.

I have no problem with uploading backports or skolelinux native packages, but 
what about a kdeedu***-*x.x.skolelinux.x ?
(Think that we also have to take care of the security updates, it is not like 
a backport, so we need an additional revision number.)

Before I will fix this bug and upload such a stuff I want to have a voting 
with a clear message from all other Skolelinux developers wether we should 
start doing such things or not.


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