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Re: cups in multi-ltsp environments

Bjarne Nielsen wrote:
> I have experienced that if i install cupsprinters on the main server,
> they  are not visible from the thin clients, they must be installed on
> the ltsp  server. What if you have a system with more than one ltps? Do
> you have to  install the printers on both the servers? And even on the
> main server if  you have any workstation on the 10.0.2 network? I run
> sarge pr05.

I think someone mentioned that there is a missing symlink on the pr05
CD. So check if /etc/cups/cupsd.conf is a symlink to cupsd-debian-edu.conf.

Now lets talk about settign up cups and printers the way cups is
supposed to work in a Skolelinux/Debian-edu environment :)

Cups should by default be set up to broadcast it's presence (and
printers) to all networks the server know about. This means that if you
install the printer on the main-server (which is main-server only) the
main server will broadcast it's printers to every machine on the network. That means that every thin-client-server should get
a notification about the printers on the main-server. Then I think the
thin-client-server should broadcast the printerlist to all it's known
network, and I think whats causing this to not work, is the missing
But why do you want to broadcast printing to the Thin clients ?
They are just dumb terminals, and all your work is done at the
thin-client-server. Or do you have workstations on the thin-client
network ?

I'm not sure about your network, but I have a network with something
like this:

   |                                  |
 gateway                      Server(s) on school(s) n
   +----------------Student server first school
   +----------------Teacher server first school
   +----------------Teacher server second school
   +----------------15 laptops using over wlan

In this setup, The main-server has no printers defined at all

The Printers for the First shool is defined at the Teachers server on
the first school. They are connected on the Thin-client net on the
teachers server. Their presence is only "broadcasted" to the student
server, some workstations on that school(staticXX), and the teacher
server knows of these printers of course. Everyone are allowed to print
on these printers.

The printers for the second School is a bit different.
There are one printer that is only for the 15 laptops.
This printer is "broadcasted" to these laptops only, and access to this
printer is restricted.
There are 2 (3?) printers that only are broadcasted to some
workstations, and the teachers server of course know of these.
Printing is only allowed from the teachers server and the few workstations.

The printers on the xDSL-school(s) is only availible to them.

To accomplish this, I've disabled "BrowseAddress", and
only added "BrowseAddress ltspserverXX" and "BroseAddress statciXX"
I've also limited access to the printer queues by using
<Location /printers/printername>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow From staticXX
Deny From ALL

It now seems to work, but it's a bit work to set this up :(

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
Leverandør av support på, drift og videreutvikling av Skolelinux-løsninger

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