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Skolelinux in Spanish


During installing and using Skolelinux I saw a few missing translations in Spanish. Because I don't personally speak Spanish very well (just enough to cope), I'm looking for somebody who would be willing to incorporate some more translations. I would be willing to search for the missing translations and also search the corresponding PO-files.

A few quick notes about my project: I'm currently working at the Diego Thomson school in Lima, Peru <http://www.diegothomson.edu.pe/>. They have started to use Linux and open source software for the computing education this year and I'm going to help some more with that. Currently we are using Linex, but we will probably switch to Skolelinux or Edubuntu. After a few quick tests I currently favour Skolelinux, because I was very impressed with the profiles and especially the pre-configured server profile.

Patrice Neff

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