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release: codename and version


Step by step we come closer to our release ;=)
Well now I want to start a thread about our next version number and 
codename ;)

There were some small discussions about calling the next release
"Debian-Edu sarge based", but I think there are better ways.

(I agree in contributing into Debian and also in calling Skolelinux Debian-Edu 
as we are a subproject of Debian!!!
But I think we can also have an own codename (the last one was venus). )

So during the last gathering (mostly at the dinner :) ) we talked about the 
last codename and so my opinion is that we can use an other planet as a 

Petters and my suggestion was Skolelinux codename "Terra"  ;) .

An other point is the version number.
What about calling our next release 
Skolelinux 2.0 Terra

This is only a suggestion, please feel free to make your own suggestions or 
disagree with mine if you think, that we don't need one.


P.S. I think a lovely thread, because no stress and no work comes with it and 
it shows that we are close to our release :=)

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