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Re: Questions about lessdisk

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 12:13:41AM +0200, sthierry@free.fr wrote:
> I try to boot an old pentium I 120 Mhz with 32 Mo ram

you might run into troubles with it running out of memory with that
little ram and 16-bit color depth, unless you use very simple login
environments. there is currently no easy to set up method for using swap
over the network.

> the first very good surprise is that the din keyboard is working directly !

"din" ?

> I managed to modify the resolution of the clients by modifying in the file
> /etc/lessdisk/ltsp/x_ltsp.conf

lessdisks has 4 s's. :)

"less" (as in fewer) and "disks" (as in more-than-one)

the curse of choosing an ironic but hard to say or spell name :)

> the line
> # sets default resolution
> x_modes="1024x768"
> in this file, when I modify the default mouse I can use ps/2 or a serial mouse
> It's not possible to use the both on a same network ?

it is not easy to configure it to autodetect weather serial or PS/2
mouse, but on a per-terminal basis you can configure it in:


> More difficult, how could i use an usb mouse on thin client ? (yes i have usb on
> my dinosaur)

haven't ever tried it, so i can't say.

live well,

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