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[Bug 981] OpenOffice only print to letter paper size


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------- Additional Comments From steffen.joeris@skolelinux.de  2005-10-24 11:25 -------
I know the problem.  
There are two ways of seting up the openoffice configuration.  
It is a little bit strange, so let me explain.  
On the one hand open office has its own configuration file  
There is this line as a standard: "PPD_PageSize=Letter"  
Change it to: "PPD_PageSize=A4"  
Well the second point is that there is also a cups setting.  
Look in /etc/cups/pdftops.conf  
There is this line as a standard: "#psPaperSize            letter"  
I think normally it is not activated but if you activate it  
("well use psPaperSize         A4")  
it will also be important for OpenOffice. 
I don't remember which one comes first (strange, because openoffice checks the 
first time the one conffile and the second time the other conffile, there is a 
bug report against this in Debian). 
Does this help you? 
It is a little bit difficult to set it up during an installation. 
Well the configuration is not difficult, but it is a hack to make it in the 
Please give a small feedback, I am sure that I can help you. 

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