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Re: Moving from 650 to 700 MiB CDs

Am Montag 17 Oktober 2005 09:55 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> I plan to increase the size of our CD from 650 MiB to 700 MiB, to
> make room for more packages.  If this is a problem for you, please
> speak up now.


personally, I never met any hardware during the past 5 years that could 
not read 700 MB discs. Some 486 had a dual speed CD-Rom drive that was 
a bit picky. Nowardays, there are even 800 and 900 MB CDs, but I don't 
know where the reading limit is in this direction (here, the harder 
thing would be to get a hand on raw CDs that you can use).

Is there a chance to make a patch for all coming versions that just 
removes some package from the image to reduce it down to 650 M for 
those few who can not handle the size? Don't know, it this should be a 
diff patch or a heuristic algorithm (which would mean remastering 

So, if there is really a relief with it, go for 700 MB please, until we 
decide on the discussion where to set the split point for multi-volume 


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