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My svn-transition

I made a svn-skolelinux direcotry. (USERNAME=knuty)
In .bashrc i wrote this in the bootom:

SVN_SSH="ssh -l knuty@developer.skolelinux.no"
  # LANG was initialy don't set. I had to set it
  # I had to set it to get svn to check everything out
export SVN_SSH LANG 

# eof

Then I Check out everything from the main branch:

svn co 

To check in a new article in the www directory:

cd svn-skolelinux/trunk/www
emacs artikler.html
svn up artikler.html
svn ci -m "my comment" artikler.html

I don't know if http://d.skolelinux.no/artikler.html points to the appropriate 
svn-directroy? But my changes in the repository :-)

- Knut

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