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Re: [slx-www-int] Want to help with translation

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Dear Yus, dear list,

as I feel, there is too few people reading [www-int], I take the ocasion to 
bring this topic to the main list:

Few days ago, Yus offered translating Debian-Edu to Indonesian (> 300 millions 
of inhabitants) supported by a local translation team. As you will read 
below, they already translated the debian-installer - but didn't send this 
in, yet. 

Some week ago, Frode asked about the process of moving to ez on [www-int]. No 
reply at all. Everybody feels, that the plone site has become very static 
since deciding to move away from it during the Ulsrud meeting. This state is 
not too satisfying.

Personally,  I won't attend to the next gathering at Oslo/Ski, but I think the 
web presence of Skolelinux should be a topic there. Don't mean to be 
"instructive" here, it is just, what I feel.

Am Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2005 03:42 schrieb Yus Budiyono:
> Dear Ralf,
> I'm sorry if I failed to mention about the language we
> would work on. First thing, I want to add one flag similar
> like pl flag but turned upside down. That means Bahasa
> Indonesia, even though I speak (you're right when
> mentioning) English, Bahasa and Java, ein bischen Deutsch,
> qaliilan allughatil arabiyah, and other tribal languages
> of Indonesia.

Okay, so your range of languages is really wide! Which of these languages are 
you able to write in a way, that the result could be ready for publishing?
> And yes, I read the link you showed me, which brought me
> to write to www-int@skolelinux.no. However, I don't find
> AlexB address.

You will find it at http://www.skolelinux.org/portal/contact/ - but Alex is 
subscribed to [www-int] anyway.
> I might add that we, debian Indonesia, had managed to
> translate debian-id-installation which I didn't contribute
> since I don't get on working with .po file. This was what
> I mean I'm a dumb linux user.

Okay, I am not an .po expert either, but regard myself as a stupid clicking 
skolelinux using teacher - even though, I learned a lot during the past two 
> Well, that's the chat for now. Once I figure out how to
> work on with the translation, I'll make up my time (and
> the team) for it, insha Allah.

As you might have learned from my introduction, the web presence is a bit "on 
ice" at the moment - but there should be plenty of educative software which 
awaits localization. For pimary schooks, gcompris would be worth a look, I 
don't know how about openoffice or koffice. If you just want to set a land 
mark, feel invited to create a personal/project page in the Wiki of the 
German Skolelinux team: www.skolelinux.de/wiki
> I'll send your regards to Jakarta :) We're surviving here,
> not for the bomb in Bali (which most of us would not be
> able to buy a ticket to enjoy the place anyway) but the
> new liberalized oil price that was subsidized by the gov.
Good luck,

> Thank you,

You are welcome.
> Yus Budiyono
> -----------------
> Wetland Scientist
> Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology
> BPPT Bld. II Lvl. 18,
> Jl. MH. Thamrin 8
> Jakarta 10340

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