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Re: A swim in icewm, and a choice of applications.

Harald Thingelstad wrote:
> Last developer gathering, organizer Trond Mæhlum told us how they used
> Skolelinux (and other Linux platforms) at the local schools.
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2005/09/msg00115.html
> One detail; they used the icewm window manager, and for two reasons:
> 1) It's lightweight. For reasons of work, I can very much understand the
> idea of fitting as many terminals onto a server as is possible.
> 2) The menus are very easy to edit, even for an amateur. It's just a
> text file, and can easily be spread over the whole site.

Both are good reasons.

> Another issue is the choice of applications. Based on more than one and
> a half year of bugging and ideas from teachers, it's a great step
> towards functionality.

This could /should?) be fixed as well, I even think there is a bug for
that one.

> I've used some time reimplementing this in a Skolelinux setup.
> Skolelinux-Sarge-pr05, that is. And, as always, I learnt something.
> Time to share and see what happens.

> Note there are no mail applications in the list above. There should be,
> not?

Well, very few schools use the mail-server setup in
Skolelinux/Debian-edu. And very other ports others than 80 and 443 is
closed due to restrictions in various networks. So people tend to use
webmail for web. (sadly enough they normally use http)


> My biggest problem with icewm so far is with nautilus.
> Once you run nautilus, this beast takes over the desktop background and
> basically never quits until you kill it. Not even when you try to log
> out. Nautilus stops the logout, and you can't log out until you've done
> "killall nautilus" (or similar).

There is some option to run nautilus without letting it take full
control. from the man-page I see the following that can be used:

Also - there is
to quit a running session

> Icewm lets you run a shutdown script, but it won't run before nautilus
> is gone, so that doesn't work either.
> Any ideas? 

Another solution could be to use Icewm, Idesk, and endeavour2 (I think
that's what I tried)

Idesk let you lock the desktop, pretty much - that is until the students
find out how to edit the text-file.

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
Leverandør av support på, drift og videreutvikling av Skolelinux-løsninger

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