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d-i on pre05: errors setting up LVM on software RAID


during manual partitioning of two ide disks d-i showed an error message that 
the kernel could not re-read the partition table (invalid argument) and 
suggested to reboot after writing the changes when entering the LVM setup.

After a second installation attempt with the same error I reverted to 
partition LVM only to get the installation done for the moment.

I did find a maybe related old bugreport 
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=251905 suggesting "> 1) 
partman won't let you build an LVM on top of a RAID device: Still there.  
This needs changed to libparted", but:

I do successfully install LVM on RAID (raid 1 /dev/md[0,1] as physical volumes 
in volume groups) on the very same hardware with the debian-installer and 
kernel from plain debian 3.1r0a and unbuntu hoary CDs.

Is there a relevant difference in the pre05 installation system from the one 
on 3.1r0a debian CDs?


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