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Re: Kongsvinger developer gathering

fredag 29. juli 2005, 11:04, skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Eh, only four people are registered, and 3 of them prefered September
> 2-4, while 2 of them prefered August 26-28.  The summary is presented
> on

I believe Halvor is not known with the practice that the date with
most registrations. And nobody has told him that. 

In the same moment Trond Mæhlum wrote that «2-4. Sept is a no go for
me» a week ago. Trond is the project manager for the Skolelinux effort
at Kongsvinger, and the key participant to organise the gathering.

It's the first time Halvor Dahl and Trond Mæhlum helping out making a
gathering. Next time they plan a gathering they probably know about
the system where the number of registrations decides the date, and if
there is just one data, there should not be introduced an other date
as optional for a gathering.

- Knut

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