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(fwd) Debian Project to get US$6000 from Linuxfund

Perhaps Skolelinux should ask for funding from Linuxfund?  Anyone got
time to investigate?  It would be great to get funding for example for
more gatherings, security work and development of key features.

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Newsforge reports Debian Project to get US$6000 from Linuxfund:


> LinuxFund names new director, schedules payouts
> Friday July 22, 2005 (07:00 PM GMT)

> Debian leaders did not respond to requests for comment [...]

>From http://www.linuxfund.org/

> How much are you funding?
> We are funding the first three projects for $500 per month for one year- this is $6000 per project.

Is there a reason for not commenting and not mentioning this?  Sounds
like good news!

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