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Yes, I want to participate in the Kongsvinger gathering

As the registration page on
<URL:http://www.grimstveit.no/jakob/scripts/slxdev/signup.php> is
still broken, I suggest we use the old registration method and send
emails to the mailing lists as well as maintain a text file in

I want to participate in the development gathering in Kongsvinger.
Both the proposed dates work for me, though I prefer the latter date.

I'm going to work on integrating the next generation LTSP into Debian,
as well as coordinating the other developers.

I'll probably need a place to sleep, and will join the dinner both on
Friday and Saturday.  I have no idea what the travel cost will be, but
expect it to be much less than 800,- NOK.

Any volunteers to collect the gathering information and place it in a
text file in CVS?  I am completely unable to use the plone web pages,
so I leave that part to someone else.

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