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How many debian pakcage maintainers do we have to thank?

During the debconf5 Debian Derivatives roundtable discussion,
an idea came up to notify all the debian maintainers of the packages
used by derivatives, and let them know we are proudly using their

Kurt Gramlich started to have a look at this during debconf5, but I am
not sure how far he got.

Curious on how many people this could represent, I just ran a simple
script trying to find out.  As I was running this on a woody
installatin, I used the list of packages on the woody CD, and the
maintainers of the woody package as the base for the list.

  ( for p in `cat pkgdeblist.txt|cut -d_ -f1`; do
     grep-dctrl -s maintainer,uploaders,package \
     -F package "$p" /var/lib/dpkg/status
  done ) > /tmp/maintainers.txt&
  egrep 'maintainer|uploaders' /tmp/maintainers.txt |cut -d: -f2|sort -u|wc -l

The final number I came up with is 240 unique mail addresses for
woody.  There seem to be some duplicates as I look breafly at the
addresses. We should throw them all a big party to thank them. :)

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