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Re: [debian-edu] Re: ibuild, the Live CD generator...

On Tue, 19 Jul 2005, Bill Kendrick wrote:

Please, let's move(!) this discussion to debian-custom: More developers
knowledgeable in that area is gathered there, and LiveCDs are hardly
relevant only for debian-edu.

Well, I'm glad it was brought up here, cuz I'm not on -custom, and had
never heard of the project before :)
That's as if a poodle would have never heard about dogs. :)

It's to sad that people do not know about the concept of Custom Debian


which is kind of a meta project to prevent people from reinventing the
wheel.  You do not necessarily be subscribed to the debian-custom list
but it might be a good thing if everybody would get the idea that there
are others who do the same thing as you people do for schools to other
user interests.

Kind regards



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