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Want to help out with debian-edu?

Kurt asked me to write down the list I mentioned during the debian-edu
meeting yesterday here at debconf5.  These are tasks for both debian
developers and others.

- get existing educational software into debian/main.  There are
  package lists available from k12ltsp, lliurex, edubuntu, and other
  sources.  (Please provide more sources)

- fetch useful patches from ubuntu and other sources and get them into
  Debian packages.

- make the packages we use possible to configure the way we want them
  at install time, in a way that keep them upgradable.

- help the free Java and free flash developers to get them capable of
  running the applications schools want to use in a safe way.

- help to get LTSP into Debian, to attract the LTSP community to

There are of course more tasks left, but this could be a good starting

Package lists

  Edubuntu, <URL:http://www.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuSoftware> and

  Lliurex, <URL:http://www.lliurex.net/home/va/node/78>
It would be great if we had a histogram of whick packages are in how
many education-related distributions, to make sure we have the most
popular (or even all) packages in Debian.

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