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Vendors Team on Debian-Based Enterprise Linux

Interesting article on eweek.com

"Vendors Team on Debian-Based Enterprise Linux
The trio of companies is also said to be looking for other Linux partners. In particular, companies such as Xandros Inc. that already use Debian as the basis for their distributions are said to be being approached"

Read more on:

Since it's only rumors I think the Mandriva, Turbolinux and enterprise LInux are wrong, but the
other stuff makes sense.

The following statement"

Why? Because, he said, "The world doesn't want or need yet another 'enterprise' Linux distribution. The whole point is to standardize around a very limited set of well-qualified, well-known, well-branded options so that ISVs have a suitable set of development and deployment targets."

is also flawed because what the companies are trying to do is most likely to agree to build from Debian, work for LSB compliance, share packages and reduce the development cost. Not to create a new enterprise disto.
An application vendor can then create one deb package for all distros.


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