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Next developer gathering - Kongsvinger 26-28 August, 2005


The next developer gathering will take place at Vennersberg skole
in Kongsvinger on the weekend 26 - 28 August.

Kongsvinger is a medium-sized Norwegian town about 100 km east
of Oslo, close to the Swedish border.  It is located on both sides
of Glomma, which is Norway's longest river.

There are buses to Kongsvinger leaving from the center of Oslo
every hour.  The bus ride takes about 1 hour 50 minutes.  Roadmap
and details on accommodation, eating etc will follow.

What is particularly nice about Kongsvinger (apart from being my
own hometown), is that all 9 schools (2700 pupils) are running
Skolelinux.  Trond Mæhlum, who is responsible for the centralised
IT operation of the schools, will join us for the weekend.

Vennersberg skole should be well suited for the developer gathering.
It has an instruction room which should be useful with 18 terminals +
1 teacher terminal with a projector.

For registration, please use the new web-based form that Jakob has
made (please read "Kongsberg" as "Kongsvinger"):


The plan is to have a "distributed" developer gathering this
weekend with the different sites communicating.  Please send
me an e-mail if you are interested in helping out with local
arrangements.  Trondheim and Bergen are obvious candidates,
and I would also be very happy to see something in Germany.

Please e-mail any questions to halvor@skolelinux.no.

Best regards,


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