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discussion: nightly printer queue clearance

Whoever works at school and copes with their computer labs, will know 
this experience: In the morning you switch on the printer, and before 
any pupil showed up, a pile of print outs springs out of the device -- 
queud the day before.

(This could raise the question of printing accounting or of an easy 
access to printing queues by adding teachers to group lpadmin etc., but 
this is another discussion).

Now, I just wonder, what is the most straight forward way to introduce a 
nightly clearance of the printing queue?

- lprm
- rm /var/spool/cups/*
- ,,, ?

I like to create a corresponding cronjob.

Thanks for your ideas

P.S: My impression was that just deleting the files in /var/spool/cups 
makes cups hick-up. Additionally I must admit that we have more than 
one lpq-system installed - some working this day and other another day)

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