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[Fwd: CVS update: skolelinux/www/info/sargebuilding - New directory]

Good morning everyone.
I've created a new directory that will hopefully help us know how to
build, and what's missing on the sarge CD. The intention is for it to
replace the old one availible from

I've called the new directory sargebuilding, and for now it only
contains plain text-files, the textfiles lists the packages that were in
 the venus release, that are not availble in the Current sarge-release.
This is the sarge as of yesterday - I hope to make these files update
I hope also that some one can help me with the description on how the CD
are built, but the process has changed a bit since the woody days.

The new directory is availible from

to add a index.html, or do some other editing, you need to use cvs from
developer. If you don't have access, please read

// faj

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Subject: CVS update: skolelinux/www/info/sargebuilding - New directory
Date: Fri,  1 Jul 2005 08:45:48 +0200 (CEST)
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  skolelinux/www/info/sargebuilding - New directory

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