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weekly report week 4

Done last week:

              * Fixed hppa 2.6 netboot initrd to fit in 16 mb ramdisk.
              * Got fixed initrd-tools into sarge.
              * Coordinated moving the debian-edu CVS archive to svn.
              * Attended the developer meeting. Several interesting and
                useful discussions, good dinners, and a lot of work.
              * Fixed broken autobuilt CDs.
              * Work on the contents of the debian-edu CD, removed junk
                that's not needed and added more debian-edu stuff.
              * Work on the CD build system. New debian-edu CDs should now be
                built within 20 minutes of any change that could change the
                contents of the CD (archive changes, local packages changes,
                svn changes).
              * Continued working on sarge security.

Plans for this week:

              * A few days rest..
              * Make sure that netinst CDs are right size with fixed 
              * Fix broken desktop task on full CD
              * Keep working on the kernel abi name change and security fixes
                in d-i.
              * More work on d-i rc3.
              * Keep working on sarge security.

see shy jo

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