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[OT] GPL Anti-Virus for Windows


this is a little off-topic but I know there are many people using Windows
clients within Skolelinux and Debian-edu networks.  I have been using the
GPL virus scanner ClamAV on a linux mail server to scan email on a small
network for over a year now.  This has been very successful, it has yet to
miss a single virus and has caught 86.

Recently, I noticed ClamWin.  This is a Windows-based anti-virus program
based on the ClamAV technology/database with a GUI for client machines much
like normal desktop anti-virus systems.  It appears to be quite good.  It
can plug into Outlook (which nobody should be using!) and Windows Explorer
and can be set to run scans of single files or entire systems.  It also has
automatic updating.


Unfortunately it is still missing one (in my opinion) critical feature,
that of "on-access scanning".  It doesn't yet scan every file automatically
as the user accesses it.  It can do this if running on Linux/BSD so I
imagine samba shares can be scanned on-access.  As has been said before, it
isn't really useful currently to have anti-virus for linux workstations.

Anyway, if you don't have anti-virus for your Windows machines, this might
be worth trying.  If they implement on-access scanning it will hopefully
make a very useful and cost effective replacement for proprietary
anti-virus software.


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