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groups with WLUS


when I tried to edit the groups a user belongs to (by clicking the classes 
link next to them in a list of users) it did not seem to work as I expected. 
No groups to add them to where visible (1.0r1). What type of groups should be 
available there?

I was also wondering again what purpose the admin and jradmin have, are they 
actually used yet? And the "none" group?

I think it would be nice if the description field of the groups could be a 
little more helpful to understand the use or intention, or at least give some 
pointer. Some groups described as "dontcare" could possibly be called 
"private group" for example.

From playing with the interface I might have found two wishlist item, or maybe 
I just didn't yet find the option to have a sgid group directory created when 
creating a new group, and the option to remove a user including deleting his 


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