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Re: set of access permissions (for exams)

Am Sonntag, 30. Januar 2005 07:33 schrieb Andreas Schuldei:
> Here at the developer gathering i spend some time starting to integrate
> the exam scripts that finnarne wrote for Ulstud school here in Oslo into

i'm happy to hear that we are not the only ones working on this.

where can i get this script and does it fit into the sarge version ?

> now his scripts depend on some clever access permissions to the home
> directories to be in place. 

our idea ist to generate e.g. 20 clean accounts with home-dirs before the 
how else do you want to avoid that students put cheating-papers in their 

we are thinking of giving every exam-student a different $TMP variable,
so they can not read the other student's /tmp/*

and we also try to use "snare" from intersectalliance.com (it's GPLd)
to log and monitor system calls like "open a file" or "open a port"

Greetings from www.unperfekthaus.de,Essen,Germany
Martin Herweg

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