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Re: bootclient

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On 23-01-2005 19:47, Steffen Joeris wrote:
>>>If you provided the actual script it would be less of a guess work.
> You are right :=)
> If anyone is able to start this script during the boot of the thinclients 
> please tell me how.
> Then I can finish my work.
> The script is to start a nbd-server on a thinclient.

Ok, all commands include full path so that's not it.

I don't know nbd-server. Others (but not me) might have an easier time
helping you if you clarified where your attached binary is taken from.

A wild guess is that for some reason reason it requires either
environment variables like TEMP set.

Another wild guess is that your binary is taken from a Debian
environment. LTSP is a Redhat environment so dependencies on shared
libraries may not match. But you said you tested executing the script
succesfully within the exact same environment although from a terminal,

Yet another wild guess is that the binary is so kind as to send
something to stdout or stderr when bailing out.

Hope someone else has less wild guesses :-)

 - Jonas

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