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Requirements of web engine(s) for Skolelinux

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Hi all,

Is it obvious for everyone but me what is the underlaying requirements
for Skolelinux organisational web engine? And wether or not those
requirements are equal to those of Skolelinux users (schools)?

Packaging of EZ Publish is discussed in detail, but do we know if it
fullfills our needs for web engine(s)?

Yes, I know that this has been discussed before, but I have failed
locating any consensus reached. Please point me to possible conclusions
of earlier discussions so we avoid repetition.

Do we want it easiest possible to add content?

Do we want it easiest possible to localize content?

Do we want content newly added in any language?

Do we want localizations best syncronized and up-to-date?

Do we want it easiest possible to mirror content?

Do we want simplest hosting (and mirroring) requirements?

Do we care about bandwidth?

What else do we want?

(hint: we can't have it all!)

 - Jonas

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