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Re: Thin clients, Diskless Workstations, LTSP and Lessdisks

Jerome Warnier wrote:
I read your mail, and just find it sad that you did all that work alone
now while we already did much of what you described (and even more in
some respects) back in 1999, with the Plume project
(http://plume.bxlug.be) which works great ever since, and is very easy
to understand.

Well, I did not do all the work by myself. Lessdisks has been around for some time, and have been in Debian testing/unstable for some time. We dont like reinventing the wheel in Debian-edu, and therefor , when there is package availible in debian, we like to use them. If they for one reason don't fit our needs, we have the choice of reinventing the wheel, look for other sources thah might fit our needs better, or modify and extend whet already availible. So yes - this time I choose lessdisks. And the current Debian maintainer had already done quite a bit to promote the use of lessdisks over ltsp, although that decision has not been made yet. I would love to look at plume, But for this project Iæm working on now - lessdisks have been choosen. But since you know plume - I hope you already have had a look at other project, maybe you can tell us:
 - the difference between plume and lessdisks
 - Why isn't plume already in Debian
 - what else do IO need to know ?

There is already quite some documentation available, and tips and tricks
to improve such systems.

I'll certainly try to have a look.

// faj

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