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Re: Q: 3D on Thin Clients (GLX/OpenGL)?

Ralf Gesel|ensetter skrev:

Hi there,

I used to use blender on LTPS with KDE 2.x - but it was not really usable (slow!). Now, as I use the LinEx backports of KDE 3.1, I am able to install kpovmodeller and innovation3d, too.

Alas, I can't use any of those:
kpovmodeller - and also blender, now complain: no GLX
innovation3d runs, but all displays show "no openGL".

I assume this is because the graphic card driver doesn't support this. Is there any chance with miniITX thin clients and LTSP?

MiniITX based clients normally have very basic graphics cards, sharing memory with the system RAM. I doubt if they support direct rendering, but I might be wrong. Some clients have support for PCI cards, but none that I have seen have AGP slots. I'm afraid you're pushing the limits of this technology :/

It's no problem using PC-type systems with proper hardware. Just load the right modules. There is documentation on this on the LTSP site.

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