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german skolelinux.de team

Dear Skoletuxe, dear Debian-Eduans,

On behalf of the German Skolelinux team, we wish a happy new
year to you all!

We thank everyone who supported us in the year 2004.

We have to mourn the passing of our friend Ralf Niemand who
succumbed  to his disease. 

The fight for free software in education has just begun for
our project. It turns out more and more which important
strategic role schools play.

After having gained a lot of public interest during the
passed year, it is time for us to focus on appilications
as we change to Sarge.

Our german user@skolelinux mailinglist has now more than 200
members and our newsletter more than 130.

Skolelinux (Debian-Edu) addresses users in school and at home.
Therefore we would like to advertise all the applications that
are already available with Skolelinux (Debian-Edu) now, or will
be available with Sarge. NX for example makes it possible to
work quite easy from home. Some developers expect an increase
of publicity for their own software through Skolelinux
(Debian-Edu). Owing to Debian this is quite easy.

All schoolars, all teachers and all administrative staff
should be able to use Skolelinux (Debian-Edu) in their
schools and in private.

We still need more well documented examples from educational

Perhaps an international exchange programme between
Skolelinux using schools could be started.

No Debian developer in the world should be unaware of Skolelinux
(Debian-Edu) by the end of 2005.

And as this year ends, we shall have the 100th school using
Skolelinux (Debian-Edu) in Germany.

Our learning and working-weekends at Guetersloh shall create
personal contacts by means of common learning and working, in
order to boost the idea of Free Software, but also for social

Let's have fun and achieve good results!

During the next meeting at Guetersloh we'll squash bugs in
Sarge according to our knowledge. All Debian Developers are
most sincerly invited.

These topics are planed:

January 14 to 16: Usage of Mambo for Skolelinux (Debian-Edu)

February 11 to 13: E-learning with Ilias and Skolelinux (Debian-Edu)

March 18 to 20: Moodle as pedagogical-electronical teaching aid

Several expert agreed to join us for these weekends and share their
knowledge. The topics are of special interest for teachers. Please
add yourself to our Wiki, if you would like to participate:


Join us!

Regards/Viele Gruesse!
kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de   GnuPG Key ID  0xE263 FCD4

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