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Does anybody know this child ?

Excuse me for posting here,
but I'm sure most of the users of this m/l comes from Sweden or Norway and this "missing little boy" looks like a "blonde nordic" typical kid.

Pic is here:

Please do allow me to ask for your collaboration in circulating an important message throughout the entire web. A 2 year-old boy was found in Khoa Lak, Thailand after the devastating tsunami. He seems to be well taken care of at the Phuket International Hospital BUT he is missing his parents!!!!

Kindly make sure you send this photo to ALL your contacts. And i mean ALL. Let's us circulate this very fast round the globe.

Just look into the boy's eyes and you will understand.

If anyboy knows him please contact the hospiatl by phone 076-249400-4 ext. 1336, 1339 or e- mail : info@phuket-inter-hospital.co.th


Hope InterNet will help him.

Kind regards


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