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skolelinux APT Upgrades stomp on skolelinux conf files


just a quick comment request.

Some time ago, I sat down at a Skolelinux server, set up the
/etc/apt/sources.list to add security.debian.org and also added the
skolelinux.no apt sources.

I then did: 

apt-get update
apt-get -u dist-upgrade

This was all fine.  While upgrading (IIRC) webmin among other things, I was
asked if I wanted to upgrade my config files with them.  It must be said
that APT recommended NOT doing this.

In general, my habit in this situation on Debian machines is to first look
at the differences, then usually overwrite with the new config file and
migrate in my own changes where necessary.  That way I feel I am sticking
closer to the up-to-date Debian defaults.  This happens a lot as I tend to
use Debian testing for my desktops.

Not having made any customisations to Skolelinux conf files I presumed the
new conf files would work and said to just upgrade to the new ones.  This
was a big (not to mention rather stupid on my part) mistake.  It overwrote
the config files with what I presume were just standard Debian (as opposed
to Skolelinux) conf files (wrong dhcp version, etc).  

On further reflection,  I had assumed that skolelinux.no was a skolelinux
package repository.  Now I'm guessing that skolelinux.no just houses
another Debian Woody mirror so this was to be expected.

What I'm wondering is:

1. Does a Skolelinux apt source exist which holds the actual packages
   as on the cdrom (though perhaps updated), conf files and all?  Will one
   ever?  Will apt be able to upgrade to v1.0r1 cleanly?
2. In general is the answer just to say 'use old configs' and carry on?
3. Should people simply not upgrade this way (security excepted)?
4. I imagine security.debian.org packages rarely change conf files but does
   [1] apply here again?

I ask because I'm slightly worried about what an inexperienced person
working on their live main server might do.  I also really must update the
APT intro which is rather incomplete on this point (and many others).


Thanks in advance,

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