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Re: Admin-discuss Mailing list

on 17/11/2004 17:17, Gavin McCullagh at lists_gmc@fiachra.ucd.ie wrote:

> Hi,
> thanks to Finn-Arne Johansen and Rune Nordbøe Skillingstad an English
> language mailing list has been set up for Skolelinux and Debian-edu
> Administrators.  This should moreorless be an English Language version of
> the bruker list.
> All are welcome to join at this address.
> https://init.linpro.no/mailman/skolelinux.no/listinfo/admin-discuss
> At Petter's advice it has been requested that gmane provide a newsgroup
> gateway for the list.  I'll confirm the nntp address onlist shortly.  It
> should be advertised in the mailing list section of the website shortly.
> Gavin
Yes, but does it work? I have posted two messages which have disappeared
into the jultomten's armpit.


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