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Re: Munin on Venus howto?

Am Montag, 15. November 2004 21:41 schrieb Jarle Osmund Vågen:
> Munin
What the h* is Munin?

gg: Munin

> Munin is a tool for graphing all sorts of information about one or 
more servers and displaying it in a web interface. It uses the 
execellent RRDTool (written by Tobi Oetiker) and is written in Perl. 
Munin has a master/node architecture. The master connects to all the 
nodes at regular intervals, and asks them for data. It then stores the 
data in RRD-files, and (if needed) updates the graphs. One of the main 
goals has been ease of creating own "plugins" (graphs).

Sounds interesting :)

> Prerequisites: 
> Server: Perl 5, RRDs.pm (rrdtool), Getopt::Long, HTML::Template, 
> Client: Perl 5, Net::Server::Fork

If this is of interest: For some courses I had to install PHP5 on 
tjener. Works so far.

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